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Meet the beauty beautiful date is the home department store brand for the pursuit of green and healthy life by Mickey industry and British AOKBEAUK company. AOKBEAUK design company has won international awards for many times in British professional jewelry design. The company promotes scientific and technological innovation and environmental protection with the aim of comfort and pleasure, green health and environmental protection. Materials for the development concept, and constantly enhance the development of new products, has been with the more than 20 mainstream countries in the world have long-term deep cooperation.

Mickey group has been studying home ornaments for many years, and found that young people in the new era are particularly interested in British products. For the reason, the group board has sent people to Britain, France, Germany and other countries to investigate, and find that other countries are more than their own products in creative design, quality and green environmental awareness. On the other hand, the board decided to work together with the mainstream design companies in the UK to jointly create original brands. The chairman personally led the team and arrived in the UK AOKBEAUK for in-depth study. Eventually micdamo group was set up a studio in AOKBEAUK as a base for raw materials and fashion messages. DECOLEA, the chief designer of the British KODAES company, came to China with the Mickey group board to create Meet the beauty beauty. The brand is dedicated to making the original green and high quality living home products. The brand was established in 2012. The future plans to develop more than 500 stores. The operation mode is divided into two kinds of company direct business and franchisee cooperation.

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◎Adhere to the consumer experience as the core

Building a home department store to pursue green and healthy life

Meet the beauty beautiful date will adhere to the consumer's experience as the core, and do the creative and practical products with high quality, low price and environmental protection. Through the strict screening of the quality and cost control at home and abroad, it is committed to providing the Chinese consumers with the original quality English products and creating a green health student for the new generation of young people in China. The new age of living.

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◎Stick to your product

Enjoy life, enjoy love

The Meet the beauty brand was founded in 2012. It is a home brand advocating green natural life. With the aim of nature, health and environmental protection, we send colorful and fashionable experiences to people who love life and taste. In order to create a new one-stop home life shopping hall for you, it conveys a brand new natural life style.

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Ten yuan shop to joinTen yuan shop to joinTen yuan shop to joinTen yuan shop to join
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